Farabi Exchange Programme

Farabi Exchange Programme is an exchange programme which enables students or academic members to continue their educational activities at a higher education institute other than their own institutions for one or two terms. This Exchange programme is financed and coordinated by the Turkish Council of Higher Education. Students studying at preparatory classes or at their first years at the university cannot benefit from Farabi Exchange Programme. A student can take scholarship from Farabi Exchange Programme only once for a semester or academic year during his or her education life. The students continue to reregister to their higher education institute and pay their tuition fees during Farabi Exchange Programme but they are not supposed to pay tuition fee to the higher education institute where they study within the scope of Farabi Exchange Programme. SDU has Farabi Exchange Agreement with many universities in Turkey. Therefore lots of SDU students have had the opportunity to study at other universities in Turkey and many students from other universities prefer to experience student life at SDU under the scope of this programme.